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Jobs at Elilink

Right now, when you are reading this text, our next project has been released by Elilink professional developers.

We provide excellent quality development for our customers and exciting career perspectives for our employees.

Your career ladder within Elilink's successful activity can give you an opportunity to:


Increase professional skills

Due to the possibility to fulfill hard and complex projects for international corporations and our long-term partners I have constant possibility to enrich my technical knowledge and improve professional skills gaining invaluable experience.

Gennady Sergeenko, Elilink.com

Embody creative ideas

Elilink.com is a real area for self-expression with outstanding team spirit and senior management support. I recommend working with Elilink as you will always receive possibility to contribute to the prosperity of the company and will feel valuable being a part of something bigger than you.

Alexey Trigolos, Elilink.com

Obtain invaluable expertise

Teamwork for our company is essential component that allows us learn from one another, share practical experience and inspiration, resolve challenges and overcome difficulties utilizing each other's strengths and expertise.

Marina Astapchik, Elilink.com

Career benefits at Elilink

Elilink strives to provide its employees with comfortable and favorable work environment and fosters professional growth opportunities and diversity in our workplace:

1. Possibility to choose office location

Considering your residence, skills and the company's needs, you have a possibility to work at any Elilink's office in Belarus, Vietnam or United States.

2. Extensive reward system

Elilink supplies every staff member with the required support and resources that attract, retain, motivate the disclosure of your talent and contribute to be energetic and satisfied.

• Competitive compensation package
• Skill- or performance-based increases in base pay
• Annual additional incentives depending on the time spent with the company

For Elilink it's of high priority to recognize and maintain skills, abilities, experience and progress you bring to the company.

3. Paid time off

We are dedicated to our employees and invest in those who devote their energy, time and talents toward our common goals. We offer following benefits to ensure that our employees stay healthy and joyful:
• paid vacation \ additional leave days;
• sick leave \ material aid;
• wedding rewards;
• holiday and trip payments;
• parking fees;

4. Teambuilding

Being a multi-national team of professionals we encourage teamwork and healthy lifestyle:
• paid gym;
• annual corporate events;
• defined benefit for sports activity;

5. Professional training

Elilink patronizes and stimulates professional growth and academic degrees of our team members. We are ready to make investments on your professional education to facilitate your learning curve:

• free language courses during working hours;
• specialized training within the company;
• paid current activity-based education.

We welcome all energetic applicants to join us. Make your professional and personal potential flourish!

Open Positions

We are looking for skilled, enthusiastic, experienced professionals who have a desire to join our international software outsourcing company and contribute into its success. At this very moment you have a possibility to become a vital part of our dynamically developing company. Please check open positions below:

  • • 3D Modelling Designer
    • .Net Developers
    • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • • Graphic Designer
    • Sr. Web Developer
    • QA Automation Engineer
  • • Java
    • PHP developer
    • C# Programmers

Please, submit your resume online, directly to an appropriate open position. In case you don't find a desired vacancy or you are a student looking for the outset of your career and serious work experience, click here to let us know how you can improve our activity and participate in Elilink's workflow.

Corporate Life

Elilink is committed to lifelong cooperation and fruitful activity. Being a progressive IT company that incorporates innovative decisions and applies new technologies we are constantly expand the list of our professions and master next-generation technologies.

Professions available at Elilink:

• Software Development Engineers with specialization in C, C++, C#, Java, .NET and other programming languages
• ASP / JSP / PHP Developers
• Unix, Linux Developers
• Database (Oracle , SQL) Developers
• Web Applications Developers
• Mobile Developers
• Software Testers
• Networking Engineers
• UX/UI Specialists
• Flash Developers with Action Script experience
• SEO Specialists
• On-The-Job Trainee positions for Undergraduates