IT Infrastructure Management Software Case Study

IT Infrastructure Management Software Case Study


Project: Network monitoring and infrastructure management software
Customer: A large US software corporation
Category: Software development, web development, software testing, sustaining engineering, UI development
Industry: Infrastructure management, telecommunications
Technologies: C++, Java, Oracle, Perl, PHP, Motif, MFC, InstallShield, InstallAnywhere, IPC, Java Web Start, JMS, AJAX
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris, HPUX


The customer – a large US software corporation – was determined to get a software system to provide thousands of customers all over the world with an opportunity to effectively maintain complex IT infrastructure and respond to changes of operational needs.


  • A large and versatile scale of the project including a number of technologies, different time zones, languages and countries;
  • A need to penetrate the comprehensive history of the project and source code in a short space of time taking into account the lack of the developer documentation;
  • The task to develop software for expensive rare equipment at big telecom centers;
  • Cross-platform support;
  • UI remodeling;
  • Software architecture refactoring;
  • A need to process a huge amount of data with diagnostics optimization, create special filters


The customer got a robust software system that secures real-time data about IT infrastructure, collects performance statistics about hardware and takes control of its functioning. The software helps a large number of customers worldwide maintain IT infrastructure and manage it.