Mobile application for iOS “LingJob” Case Study

Mobile application for iOS “LingJob” Case Study


Project: Mobile application for iOS “LingJob”
Customer: Bitsens
Category: Mobile Development
Industry: Utility
Technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, custom UI Table View, social networking, iOS 7
Platforms: iOS


The general idea of the project consisted in development of an application that could bring together “single-functioned” freelancers and those who have unique text job offers in the spheres of sport, technology, engineering, science etc.

On the one hand, the customer needed an application where one can easily place work orders.

On the other hand, freelancers should have an easy way to get money for what they do well.


  • A challenge to create a mobile application with a function to process requests for unique text jobs;
  • A challenge to develop a robust system that would carry out the right payments for the job done.


The final iOS application connects freelancers and their clients. A customer can buy one of the subscription fees in the amount of 1.99 up to 200 euros. The money remains on the LingJob account and can be spent by means of the mobile app and the website.

Our developers have “equipped” the “LingJob” application with rich functionality:

  • Placement of text orders;
  • Selection of texts according to categories and areas;
  • Attachments of text files and images;
  • Secure payments with the PayPal system.

Besides, users of the application take advantage of the friendly user interface of the application.