Stiftung Theodora Case Study

Stiftung Theodora Case Study


Project: Stiftung Theodora
Category: Mobile Development
Industry: Entertainment
Technologies: Java, Android SDK
Platforms: Android 4+

BUSINESS NEEDS wanted a mobile application for 7 and 10 inches Android tablets to entertain children.


  • A challenge to perform postcard picture creation. A postcard was supposed to include an overlapping mask picture, for example a clown or royal image, with a transparent face so that a child’s photo could be easily inserted. Besides, the photo should be rotated or zoomed;
  • A challenge to implement a winning effect for puzzle game;
  • A challenge to provide the optimal eraser in order to make the right changes of custom background and user-painted canvas possible.


Elilink’s developers assigned for the project created a top-notch mobile application supporting Android 4.0 and higher. Our professionals offered perfect solutions for all the challenges.

Postcard creation is a combined result of bitmap drawing cache, extra bitmap canvas for underneath layer and standard Matrix class transformations to change the picture. Paint eraser is possible due to Porter DuffXfer mode with the CLEAR mode while storing destination point in the tag of puzzle peace view creates a magnetic effect.

A child can listen to app build-in music, browse information about Theodora Stiftung, as well as play painting, puzzle and memory games and share their paintings and postcards online.